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 Life Giving Words is a non-profit organization.

All profits go to helping others in need.

21-Day Text Affirmation Programs

Only one program can be purchased at a time. 

Prayer & Scripture Affirmations

Use the power of the scriptures to uplift your spirit throughout the day. The most powerful words we can speak are the truths founded in unconditional love. These prayer and scripture affirmations are a powerful way to release fear and anxiety and help you find peace and strength. With this program, you will also receive a daily song recommendation for you to enjoy!


Health & Wellness Affirmations

Focus the next 21 days on your own personal health and wellness! These affirmations will give you the mindset you need to overcome your health challenges and remind you that YOU have the power over your health. 


Relationship enhancement Affirmations

Make someone special in your life a priority over the next 21 days. Learn how to be a better partner, lover or friend. Relationships take work and we will give you the tools you need to make lasting changes in your relationships.


Kids & Family Affirmations

Parents, every day you will receive 3 text messages reminding you and your child to say the daily affirmation. This is meant to be something fun for you and your kids to do each day. If they can read, let them read it out loud themselves. If they’re too young, tell them the affirmation and make them repeat it 5-10 times. This is especially great to do right before they go to bed!


Money & Business Affirmations

Does the lack of money stress you out? With this program, you will be envisioning an abundance of income in your life over the next 21 days! Speaking Life Giving Words into your finances will produce big shifts in your thinking and help you overcome anything keeping you from a life of abundance!


Spirituality Affirmations

Everything in our universe works together and we are all one with everything around us. Our Spirituality affirmation program will inspire you to get in touch with yourself, your Creator, and the world around you.


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