The power of life is in your words

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Power of Our Words

Your life can change drastically through the power of your thoughts, words and intentions.

It isn’t always easy to maintain an awareness of what you’re saying about yourself, either aloud, or via the idle chatter that keeps rolling over and over in your head, but it’s so very important.

Many times we are so busy “doing life” we forget this simple yet powerful tool.

Our affirmation programs are designed to remind you to speak Life Giving Words over yourself. With specific daily affirmations, you can be purposeful in your thoughts, words, and intentions.

This makes you more powerful and eliminates the negativity holding you back from being your BEST!

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Empower your DAY by empowering YOURSELF with Life Giving Words

Life Giving Words is a non-profit organization whose mission is to give back to the community. 100% of proceeds go toward providing the service and helping people in need. 

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The Benefits

When you hold a positive elevated emotion with laser focused intention you can attract specific desired outcomes into your life.

Focusing on Life Giving Words that hold a higher vibrational frequency such as blessing, gratefulness and abundance, enhances and empowers your life like nothing else. We’ve seen the Life Giving Words process transform health, finances, and relationships.

Born in the image of our Creator, we as co-creators have the power to create our own reality. Repeating Life Giving Words on a daily basis is the building block to your desired future.

When you practice incorporating Life Giving Words into your daily life, like you were born to do naturally, miracles can and do happen!

Family Matters

It is never to early to teach your children to speak affirmations into their lives. We designed our programs with your entire family in mind. Our fun, easy, yet powerful programs help ensure your child creates the future they desire and deserve.

Join the Movement

Imagine a world where Life Giving Words were spoken on a daily basis. Imagine a world where a positive vibrational frequency elevated every human’s emotions. Imagine a world where love, peace, and joy were the norm. Be the change you want to see. It begins with you…today.

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