Retrain Your Brain for Positive Change

To be the change you want to see, you must first "see" or envision the change you want to be. When you receive texts from Life Giving Words, begin speaking the words into your life, and take time to see the change you desire. A better future will begin making its way toward you! As your brain is trained in this process, things that you've spoken of and "seen" or envisioned begin to manifest in your life.

Life giving words - Meditation

Adding Life Giving Words into your daily prayers and meditations can have a transformative impact on your life. Getting into a daily habit of speaking positive and uplifting words to yourself can create the life alterning changes you've been dreaming of.

What you'll Need

A Quiet Place

Life Giving Words Daily Texts

Positive Intentions

Daily Discipline


5-minutes / 3 times a day

Step 1

FInd a quiet space where you can be alone and uninterupted for a minimum of 5-minutes. Your car, bathroom or somewhere outside works great. Invest in yourself and make these 5-minutes a priority every day. 

Step 2

Repeat out loud and in your mind the specific Life Giving Words that you’ve received by text several times while in your quiet place. The objective is to repeat your LGW’s until you feel the energy around you change or shift. When LGW’s are repeated you can literally feel the “junk” of the day melt away!

Step 3

When finished, keep these words close to your heart as you begin transforming into the change that you want to be. As you experience this transformation, share with your family and friends. 

Step 4

As you finish your Life Giving Words program you will have formed a strong foundation to see the world through a happy/positive lense. Your new journey is just beginning. Take time to enjoy the new you, and consider joining another Life Giving Words program to help you continue becoming the best version of yourself!